building the
heart of TBD



If you're like us, you've noticed that the city is cool again. And for quite some time now (since 2003) we've been busy making the core of our city cooler. If you've been around Midtown Sacramento, then you've no doubt encountered our work–its where you kick back in your loft, get your morning coffee and go out on the town.

However, if you think about it, it wasn't too long ago that this was a part of town that most people only passed though. Today, that's all different. Midtown has a renewed gravitational pull–and we'd like to think that some of our completed projects played a leading role in encouraging people to stop and notice again how wonderful our urban core is.

Look familiar?

You may be wondering: if what we've accomplished together–with you and our partners in Midtown–is so terrific, why then are we now devoting so much attention to the other side of the river in The Bridge District?  

Because from a regional point of view in order to make the downtown core great again we need even more opportunities for people to live at the center. Only with a critical mass of residents in an urban community can we make the best use of the assets we have, reinvent the ones that need a bit of dusting off and attract new businesses and services to a connected, rich and diverse city ecosystem. In other words, The Bridge District is the missing puzzle piece that will make everything snap together for a future that we can only dare to imagine today.

And in TBD, it starts with with THE PARK MODERNS.

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Our Team:

The Park Moderns were designed by architect Mark Dziewulski.

The Park Moderns were built by the construction team of Sunseri Associates, Inc.